2015 Teach to Reach Proceedings

Day 3: Implementing Solutions
Welcome & Introductory Remarks -- Orin Levine & Violaine Mitchell,  Vaccine Deliver,  Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (download 1) (download 2) (audio) (video) 
Breakout Session Moderators and Co-facilitators (download)
1. Moving Beyond the Workshop (download)
2. Building on Collective Expertise (download)
3. Bringing it All Together in the Field (download)
4. Measuring the Impact of Training and Incentivizing Learning (download)
5. Competencies (download)

Find links to 2015 Summit presentation materials and play videos below.

Day 1: Setting the Stage
Overview of Learning Science Theory -- Annie Murphy Paul (download) (audio) (video)
How People Learn: A Scientist's Perspective -- José Mestre (download) (audio) (video)
Bringing the Best of Personalized Learning to Immunization -- Andrew Smith Lewis (download) (audio) (video)
Day 1: What Do We Know About How People Learn?
Day 1: What Do We Know About How People Can Teach?
Day 2: The Art of the Possible
(audio)Learning in the Field -- Panel Discussion moderated by Alexander Rowe, CDC 
(with George Momanyi, Steve Stewart, Chilunga Puta, and Chizoba Wonodi) (download) (audio) (video)
Seven Research-based Principles of Smart Teaching -- Michele DiPietro (download) (audio) (video)
Projecting Health -- Kiersten Israel-Ballard, PATH (download) (audio) (video)
Day 2: Beyond the Classroom
Day 2: Current State/Future State
Day 3: Change Management
Challenge-Based Learning in Action -- Amanda Warner (download) (audio) (video)
Acrobatiq Presentation on Adaptive Learning -- Eric Frank (audio) (video)
Mobile Learning Games from Health Education to Job Placement -- Michael Wolf (download) (audio) (video)
Mobile Academy -- Siddhartha Swarup, BBC Media Actio(download) (audio) (video)
Bringing it All Together: Key Tenets for Designing and Delivering Effective Training -- Jason Palmer, US Programs, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (download) (audio) (video)
Building a Learning Culture -- Marc Rosenberg (download) (audio) (video)
Performance Support -- Allison Rossett (download) (audio) (video)
Draw Your Future: How a Simple Picture Will Change Everything -- Patti Dobrowolski (download) (audio) (video)
Strategies for Change Management -- Panel Discussion with Tracy Rehberg, Bull City Learning; Richard Duncan, UNICEF; and Alan Brooks, Gavi Alliance (download)
Introduction to Summit Format -- Nathan Pienkowski, Bull City Learning (audio) (video)
Attendees of the Teach to Reach Summit in Seattle held November 2015.