The 2015 Teach to Reach Summit:  What We Heard From You

The 2015 Teach to Reach Summit was an opportunity for the immunization professionals to gain exposure to advancements in learning science and provide feedback about the resources that could be of greatest benefit in the future. From your feedback during and following the Summit, it was evident that training and professional development outcomes within the immunization community are challenged by many barriers. There was a high degree of consensus that access to the sharing of ideas, case studies, and success stories from the field that relate to and provide evidence of overcoming key challenges would be helpful moving forward.

Through our dialogue, it is evident that the immunization learning community would welcome future resources aligned around one common need: Finding a way to access and share information about the ways in which peers and similar organizations work through and overcome the barriers they face in their roles.

Six Key Themes

In response cards completed at the conclusion of the 2015 summit, and in survey feedback, you’ve shared that you would like to hear and learn from examples in six key areas:

       Determining the best methods for engaging and motivating learners in low resource settings
       Developing strategies for soft skills development such as management, communications, and training
       Creating an environment for effective, ongoing, performance management
     ❹  Identifying when training is right as performance-improvement solution 
       Building a strong, positive, learning culture in immunization
       Determining how to measure skills learned and capacity built through training

Teach to Reach Moving Foward

Moving forward, we will post helpful resources related to these six key themes on the Teach to Reach website, and we will share stories of exploration and success from the field. We hope to continue the momentum that was built in Seattle last year, and look forward to the future of immunization training. If you would like to share a story or suggest a topic to be highlighted, please contact us.